Upcoming Workshops

Youth Orchestra Audition Workshops
May 5 & 6, 2018
Sarasota Youth Orchestra Auditions are coming up! 
Prepare with a professional orchestra musician at Sarasota Music Conservatory.

2 workshops covering all aspects of orchestra auditioning

Workshop 1 - May 5: 2:30pm-5pm “Deeper into the Audition material” 
Scales and audition excerpts are reviewed in detail, strengthening students’ confidence in their technical and musical abilities. Ending the afternoon with a Sight reading basic/intensive training.
Workshop 2 - May 6: 2:30pm-5pm “Auditioning in confidence”
All audition material is covered with an emphasis on the actual audition day. Classes focus on the following 3 subjects: “Coping with stage fright”, “The art of sight-reading”, “How to play your best under pressure”; ending the afternoon with “mock auditions” and feedback.

Information about Sarasota Music Conservatory’s Workshops:
Faculty members are all members of the Sarasota Orchestra. 
The workshops are  geared for STRING instrumentalists only.
The cost per workshop is $50. SIGN-UP for 2 days and receive $10 off the second day.
($90 total).
Workshops take place at Sarasota Music Conservatory facility: 1693 Main Street - Unit A, Sarasota, FL 34236.
Enroll online through our contact page or by phone (941) 726-3020.
Space is limited on a first come first serve basis.
Performance Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer Masterclasses, Performance classes, Orchestra Audition preparation classes to our students and open these to the community.
Performance class description:  
Students perform for each other and the hosting teacher. They receive and give feedback to one another. All aspects of the performance are approached: stage freight, stage presence, etiquette, interpretation and musicality. Thanks to this class, students get used to playing in public and become familiar with the process which results in a better enjoyment of public performance.
Masterclass description:  
Once per semester, a musical personality comes to the school and gives a masterclass. The masterclasses are open to the public, and feature either a pedagogue from a major music school, a local music personality, or even a performing soloist. The performing students receive feedback and advice on their performance from the guest teacher, bringing a vital perspective on their own playing.
Violin Masterclass with
Linda & David Cerone