Musical Development

Other music classes

Theory: 30 minutes (level 1) or 45 minutes class (other levels) weekly. All basics of music theory are approached, helping students understand the “rules” of music. Theory is to music what grammar is to language. Different classes offered to fit each student’s level.

Solfege/Ear Training: 30 minute (level 1) or 45 minute class weekly. Students learn the language of music called “Solfege”, and through fun exercises and singing, train their ears to recognize pitches. Great for sight reading, improvising and learning music repertoire in a shorter amount of time.

Music history: 60 minute class weekly. Also called music history, music-appreciation is a very insightful class, where students travel through time to learn about the lives of famous composers, musicians, and the history behind instruments. An in-depth vision approach that will certainly fascinate all students wishing to learn more about the history of music. 
Performance class: 60 or 90 minute class monthly. Students perform for each other and their teachers; receive and give feedback to one another. All aspects of the performance are approached: stage freight, stage presence, etiquette, interpretation and musicality. Thanks to this class, students get used to playing in public and become familiar with the process which results in a better enjoyment of public performance.

“By far the best place in town for music instruction.”
G. Beauchamp (parent)