Class Pricing & Description

Instrumental & Voice

  • Private Lessons:  30, 45, 60 minute one on one lesson weekly or bi-weekly.
       $40 (30 minute)
       $50 (45 minute)
       $65 (60 minute)

  • Shared Private lesson: Two students share the private lesson time with one teacher. 
       Pricing upon request

  • Chamber Music: 3 students minimum.
      $25 per student (60 minute)

  • Cello Choir: 3 students minimum.
      $25 per student (60 minute)

  • Vocal Ensemble: 3 students minimum.
      $25 per student (60 minute)

  • Music Sprouts: Weekly classes for children age 3 to 6. ​See description here. 
      $20 per class. Enrollment for entire semester mandatory.

Musical Development

  • Solfege/Theory: 30 minutes (level 1) or 45 minute class (other levels) weekly. All basics of music theory are approached, helping students understand the “rules” of music. Theory is to music what grammar is to language. Different classes offered to fit each student’s level. Students learn the language of music called “Solfege”, and through fun exercises and singing, train their ears to recognize pitches. Great for sight reading, improvising and learning music repertoire in a shorter amount of time. FREE FOR ENROLLED PRIVATE SUDENTS.

  • Performance class: 60, 90 or 120 minute’s session bi-monthly. Only open to students enrolled in private classes. Students perform for each other and their teachers, and receive and give feedback to one another. All aspects of the performance are approached: stage freight, stage presence, etiquette, interpretation and musicality. Thanks to this class, students get used to playing in public and become familiar with the process which results in a better enjoyment of public performance. FREE FOR ENROLLED PRIVATE STUDENTS.

  • Master-Class: 1 class per Semester, access upon teacher’s recommendation. Up to 6 “active” students and unlimited number of students can participate as auditors. Once per semester, a musical personality comes to the school and gives a master-class. The master-classes are open to the public, and feature either a pedagogue from a major music school, a local music personality, or even a performing soloist. The performing students receive feedback and advice on their performance from the guest teacher, bringing a vital perspective on their own playing. $50 FOR ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS.


  • Join-in Administrative fee (one time):
       $35.00 single, $50.00 family
  • In Home Lessons: No time to drive to our location? Some of our faculty will gladly come to your place for lessons. A drive-time/gas fee applies, and depending on your location will vary between $20 to $30 per visit.
Limited scholarships are available in the form of discounts for multiple weekly lessons, and/or siblings enrolled, and for full semester commitment/pre-payment. Financial support is awarded upon commitment to a minimum of a full semester, and based on each individual family income and situation. Merit, and commitment to music studies at the Sarasota Music Conservatory are also factors used to determine financial assistance.
Families receiving financial assistance are required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per school year.
(More information upon request)